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Privacy Policy

We do not collect or sell your email address, name, credit card information or any other information gathered during your reservation process. 


No credit card information is stored on our computers.  It is kept on paper until after your stay and then destroyed. Our credit card processing  is done through the Square device.  Although we do our best to protect your information, we do not have an email address that is specifically secured. Transmission of information is at your own risk.


Our website host, Buuteeq, Inc., uses state of the art security software and makes every effort to protect your information and complies with all PCI regulations.  Your security code is automatically deleted after 3 days and your other credit card information is automatically deleted 3 days after your departure.  For more information please see their Privacy Policy on their website at www.buuteeq.com 

We do not share information about the date or length of your stay, or if you are currently a guest.  If someone calls inquiring about your current (or a past stay) we do not share that information without your prior consent to do so.  So if you are going to have someone call you while staying with us, let us know ahead of time that you are expecting a call.  Otherwise we will simply attempt to take a message and pass that on to you.

Items left behind will not be automatically returned to you.  We will not contact you through a phone or email address to inform you of items left behind.  If you think you lost something or left something in your room please contact us and request their return and then we are happy to send them off to you.